Thursday, November 30, 2006

the sci-fi baby.

the upcoming mercer union member's show is entitled "2008." it is a loose thematic in keeping with previous date-related member's shows... 2002's palindrome which looked both forward and backward, and the "Halcyon days" theme, which connoted either past, present or future depending on the interpreter's relative state of optimism. 2008 talks specifically about the near future. not the Jetsons' future, but something close enough that we can start making plans for in our daytimers. or not. 2008 still feels malleable in 2006, full of possibilities. it is also a US presidential election year.

for the invitation postcard, we decided to convey the theme by depicting "Baby 2008." we auditioned dozens of babies, but finally settled on little Kian Reilley for two reasons: 1; he is cute in the kind of Anne Geddes way we were going for, and 2; all of the other babies exuded a "2007 vibe" and Kian was the only one who really got what we were after...
excited anticipation seasoned with a touch of anxiety.

new year babies have always perplexed me a bit. when we first meet them in december they are infants, often with top hats and hour glasses. but they age alarmingly fast. by the end of their assigned year, they have reached old age, say, eighty. this condition is far more severe than the 1:7 human to canine year ratio. new year babies are more like 1:80. with this in mind, we should start introducing new year babies far in advance of their obsolescence. i propose we meet baby new year 2087 next month, so he can age at a sensible pace until his retirement in 2088. let's get to know them a bit better before our time together is over. maybe then we could take the time to ask: "hey baby new year, what's with the top hat?" or whatever.

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