Thursday, November 23, 2006

Five links in lieu of a true post

The brochure essay for the Jeremy Deller exhibition is now online at It situates Deller's work as a continuation of folklorists Alan Lomax and Harry Smith and looks at Deller's attempts to foster a more inclusive culture.

For more information on Deller's practice visit the artist's homepage. Also, a recent article he wrote for the Guardian about his new film on Depeche Mode fans is here.

For information on Alan Lomax visit this. The Harry Smith Archives domain has apparently expired, but a review of a recent Smith tribute CD/DVD set (including Nick Cave, Richard Thompson, Lou Reed and others) can be found at Pitchfork.

Lastly, the exhibition (which closes in three days) just received a four-star review in NOW, by Stephanie Rogerson.


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